Aaron Van Schyndel,

Principle Design Lead

Hi, my name is Aaron. I'm a design leader and product-minded designer who makes complex things simple & obvious.

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Aaron VanSchyndel

About Me


“We’re very excited that Yammer is Microsoft’s first web and mobile app to be built entirely with using the Fluent Design System! The Yammer design team partnered with the Fluent Design team early-on to help define and inform our common design language, helping to drive a shared point of view into the UI toolkits, and Fluent UI controls. This commitment to our collective efforts brought the first Fluent-based product to Office, from the ground up. It’s a great example of streamlining design-to-code while building off of each others work!”

Josh Stevens


I totally recommend Craig! He is fast, efficient and the communication was great.

Max O'neill


Craig really gave 100% to help me with my project. I'm very happy with the end result!

Beth Chapman

I'm Aaron Van Schyndel, a San Francisco-based designer with over 11 years experience. I'm currently a Principle Design Lead at Microsoft. Previously, I ran the design team at Yammer (acquired by Microsoft).

In the past, I was a designer at Scribd, where I built tools for content creators, including work on the popular document and PDF reader used by media companies including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, TechCrunch. You’ve probably read a tech related court case on it at some point.

Before that, I was the first design hire at MINDBODY, building business management software to serve gyms, spas and salons worldwide. I went on to lead the design and front-end teams there.