Hi, I’m Aaron

Designing digital products and high performing teams.

I'm currently a Principle Product Designer at Microsoft. I specialize in design leadership, strategy, and being a product-minded designer.


My Latest Work| COMING SOON

A little about me

I'm Aaron and I strive to design impactful experiences that empower people.

Currently I'm a Principle Product Designer at Microsoft. In early 2019, I started working on an audacious project to redesign Yammer from the ground up - every component, every pixel. In 2020, we launched it to over 85% of the Fortune 500.

I gravitate towards projects that allow me to have an impact. I'm passionate about responsible design and believe designers share responsibility for what they put out.

When I'm not designing, I enjoy taking photos 📷, hanging out in rivers 🎣, crafting homemade neapolitan pizza 🍕, & french bulldogs named Tipitina 🐖.


How I Work

Strategy & Direction

I'm a systems thinker who naturally gravitates towards strategy and product problems. I love identifying the scope and organising the design roadmap to bring out 100% of every project.

Design UI/UX

I'm a generalist at heart, with a broad skillset across visual design, user-centered design, and prototyping.


Managing is designing. Except instead of designing products, interfaces or services, I am designing how a group of people can create something more together than apart.